M's Top 5 Twitpics of the week!


Hey M Girls!

Celebs are always posting fun pics on their Twitter accounts, and since you may have missed them this week, we pulled our top five faves from the past seven days. Check 'em out!

Nick Jonas tweeted: @tallielb3 and I showed up wearing the same thing (basically) today....Awkward...

Victoria Justice tweeted: Can you hear me now? Good. Baby me should've been hired to do those Verizon commercials... ;{)

David Henrie tweeted: @LAKings gave me a gift!!!! Coolest present ever!!!! Thanks guys!!!!

Cody Simpson tweeted: HOB in Dallas last night

Selena Gomez tweeted: Hmmm ... Awkward.

So let's dish: Which one of these Twitpics do YOU like the best? Comment back & follow us on our Twitter, here!

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