M's Top 5 Twitpics of the Week!


Hey M Girls!

Celebs are always posting fun pics on their Twitter accounts, and since you may have missed them this week, we pulled our top five faves from the past seven days. Check 'em out!

Justin Bieber tweeted: Me and my Lil sis at waffle house

Selena Gomez tweeted: It's the boy you never told "I like you" it's the girl you LET get away.. It's the one you saw that day on the train but you freaked out and walked away..

Lucy Hale tweeted: Our team is boom dynamite hahah @AshBenzo

Demi Lovato tweeted: My girls... @TheHannaBeth and @laurenpietra :)

Michael from Allstar Weekend tweeted: Ballin' in New York City

So let's dish: -Which one of these Twitpics do YOU like the best? Comment back & follow us on our Twitter, here!

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