Hey M Girls,

We LOVE when our fave celebs post cool Twitpics to their Twitter accounts! Here are our top five faves from the past seven days -- enjoy!

Niall Horan tweeted: "Yess! @louteasdale is back! Got a hair cut"

Kelly Clarkson tweeted: "Met @carlyraejepson & @justinbieber at Ball in London! Both are so sweet! Here's our "call me, maybe" pose ha!"

Victoria Justice tweeted: "Got my Harry Potter wand in the mail yesterday! I think I'm getting the hang of this magic thing ;{) Lol"

Joe Jonas tweeted: "Volcano rock Jonas"

Shake It Up's Caroline Sunshine tweeted: "elevator was too slow...so I decided to bungee jump off the Stratosphere in Las Vegas...108 stories + 855 ft"

So let's dish: -Which one of these Twitpics do YOU like the best? Comment back & follow us on our Twitter!

Photos courtesy of Twitter

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