M's X Factor Recap!


Hey M Girls,

Last week had to have been the most shocking week of X Factor yet! With some standout performances, and an unexpected elimination, we were on the edge of our seats the whole time. Missed even a second of the action? Don't worry, we've got ya covered in our weekly X Factor recap!

The Performances

The theme of the week was "Divas"-- and while we're on the topic, can we talk about how fab Britney and Demi have been looking? While both ladies are total divas, after the week's drama we think Simon may be the biggest diva of all!

Performing a "Diva" song is totally not an easy task, but some of the contestants did an amazing job! Check out our faves:

We wondered if Emblem3 would be able to pull off a diva song--and they totally did! The guys took Alicia Key's "No One" and put their own sunny Emblem3 spin on it:

Who could sing a diva song better than Diamond White? Her performance of Beyonce's "Halo" was one of the most powerful of the night. Afterwards, Simon said "I think we're looking at a future star"-- we couldn't agree more!:

Is it just us, or are Fifth Harmony's voices getting better every week? We're sure their performance of "Hero" left even Mariah Carey impressed:

Once again Carly Rose Sonenclar blew us away with a stunning vocal performance of "My Heart Will Go" by Celine Dion-- and she looked stunning too! We think Carly is the one to watch, and L.A agrees. He told Britney "it pains me to say this...but we could be looking at the winner.":

Which performance did you like best?

The Elimination

Tensions were high on the second night of X Factor because of the looming double elimination. Luckily, Taylor Swift was there to lighten the mood with the premiere performance of her new song "State of Grace".

After Tay's killer performance, it was time for serious business. The first act to be eliminated by America's votes was Lyric 145. We were totally bummed to see them go-- we're going to miss their high energy, and crazy outfits!

For the second elimination, it came down to a sing off between Paige and Jenelle. L.A and Britney both voted to send Jenelle home. In a shocking turn of events, Simon forced Demi to place her vote first. After a bit of serious drama, Demi chose to save Jennnel, but Simon voted to send her home! We were totally pulling for Jennel would make it to the end!

We were so bummed to see Lyric 145 and Jennel Garcia go home! Check back next week for another X Factor recap, and be sure to watch an all new episode of X Factor at 8/7c tonight on Fox!

Let's dish: -What was your highlight of last week's X Factor? Do you think the right person went home?

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