M Video: One Direction covers "Wonderwall"!


Hey M Girls,

The One Direction boys had a pretty epic, super-British weekend where they gave the performance of a lifetime at the Olympic closing ceremonies! While at the ceremonies, the guys heard a performance of the popular Oasis tune "Wonderwall".

Well, it turns out, back when 1D first filmed their "What Makes You Beautiful" vid they also filmed their own cover of "Wonderwall" -- and it's JUST been released now! Niall plays the guitar while the other guys sing along -- so swoon-worthy!

Directioners were SO excited about the cover that "Wonderwall" was trending on Twitter all last night.

Check it out here:

Sounds great, boys!

Let's dish: -What do you think of 1D's "Wonderwall" cover? Which other songs would you want to hear them perform?

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