M was at One Direction's live chat and performance for z100 today!


Hey M Girls!

We just got back from pretty much the best afternoon EVER -- a live chat and show with the boys of One Direction! The guys took questions from fans and performed their hits "More Than This" and "What Makes You Beautiful"!

Here are some of the highlights from the Q&A sesh:

-The boys said that the best way to get noticed by them at a concert is to bring out some HILARIOUS banners -- keep that in mind, girls! -A fan got up and did an Irish jig in honor of Niall's irish roots -- and he joined in! -When a crowd member threw a potato on stage the boys took it in good humor. "We love our vegetables" they said -- hilarious! -Liam did his famous hair flick -- the whole crowd swooned! -After the boys were asked who their inspirations were, Bruno Mars won out! -When Zayn had to miss a few tours for a fam emergency, he was so happy to be welcomed back by the MOST AMAZING fans ever! -While Zayn was out, during one performance, Harry and Liam sang his parts at the same time -- oops! -After the boys got a super-strange question about which band member had the smelliest fart (LOL) they all agreed it was Harry. Too funny! -When asked about whether or not they like being called a "boy band" they said that they're totally embracing it. Plus, they HEART N'SYNC, the ultimate boy band. -Other than singing the boys love playing soccer -- erm, football as they call it in the UK! -The boys 'fessed up about their celebrity crushes: Niall's is Demi Lovato, Harry's is Kate Beckinsale, Louis' is Natalie Portman, Liam's is Leona Lewis and Zayn's is Rosie Huntington-Whitely from Transformers 3 -- aww!

Make sure to check back on M soon for awesome photos and videos from the event!! Also, be sure to KEEP ENTERING for your chance to MEET them!

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