M was at the New Moon DVD release!


Hey M Girls! This weekend was the DVD release of New Moon, and M Magazine was the only teen mag to be at the official midnight release party in NYC! Along with the first 50 fans, we hung out with Peter Facinelli, who plays Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the movie!

Peter surprised the fans with a round of trivia, and as he asked the questions, he also made a lot of jokes! When one fan got a question wrong, he joked that she should leave, and when she said that she was Team Carlisle, he said, "Team Carlisle? You can stay!" While talking with everyone, he said things like, "Car-lizzle for shizzle!" and "Hollaaa! Bet you never thought you'd hear Carlisle say 'holla!'" He even asked one fan what Carlisle's middle name was, and paused before saying, "Just kidding! It's Bartholomew. No, I'm kidding!" LOL!

He was so funny and sweet! When the trivia ended, he gave a lot of hugs and took pictures with some lucky girls before moving behind the counter to sign DVD copies for the fans.

Let's Dish: -Did you get your copy of New Moon yet? Are you planning to get it? Are you Team Carlisle? Leave your answers in the comments below!

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