Guessing Game:

Match the BTR Guy to His "Dorky" Confession

Big time rush dorky

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In the July issue of M, the Big Time Rush guys revealed that while we might think James, Carlos, Kendall and Logan are some of the coolest dudes on the planet, in real life they might be a tiny bit geekier than the boy band they play on TV.

Can you match the Big Time Rush member with his "dorky" confession? Test your knowledge of the band below!

(Highlight or double-click to view each answer.)

  1. "Here's the nerdy thing I do. I like to organize... a lot! It calms me down, so I'm always cleaning whenever I get stressed out."

Who said it?

Answer: Carlos

  1. "I really like to grow plants. I just think it's really cool to watch them grow from nothing!"

Who said it?

Answer: Kendall

  1. "I wore fake glasses when I was younger. I just thought they were really fun!"

Who said it?

Answer: Logan

  1. "Sometimes I feel a little dorky because I read a lot."

Who said it?

Answer: James

How many did you get right? Tell us in the comments — and if you feel like it, make a "dorky" confession of your own!

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