Mayday Parade hung out at M!


Hey M Girls!

We had five fun visitors at our office today - the band members of Mayday Parade!! The guys took time out of their busy "Take Action Tour 2010" schedule, and hung out with M!

While sitting down with M intern Kelsey, the boys talked about not only the exciting start of the tour, but also chatted about relationships! With Valentine's Day coming up, the band understands that it's sometimes hard to be without a boyfriend or girlfriend. Guitarist Alex explained, "In terms of relationships and love, if it happens, it probably happened for a reason, and it's probably for what's best. If you and your boyfriend break up, you know, it's probably meant to happen and there's no use stressing over it too much, because it did for a reason." AW! That's so true, and such a sweet way to look at it!

The band was totally great and so funny - The guys expressed their advice on what NOT to do on a first date in an exclusive M video! Check it out below!

Let's dish: -Do you think the members of Mayday Parade are super cute? What do you think of their music? What advice would you give about what NOT to do on a first date?

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