Meaghan Jette Martin tells M fun facts about herself!!


Hey M Girls!

We got to hang out with Meaghan Jette Martin for a day of shopping, lunch, and above all -- chatting! While we were walking around Burbank, California, Meaghan spilled some fun deets from her fave Broadway Musical, Hair to what her friends think of HER new hair!!

Meaghan can't get enough of the Broadway Musical Hair "OMG! It's so good!" She tells M Editor, Lauren. "You HAVE to go and see it! It's amazing."

All of Meaghan's friends love her new hair color, including Joe Jonas and Chloe Bridges! "Everyone likes it -- they've been super-nice about it." But making the change wasn't easy. "I had to get permission from the creator of 10 Things, everyone from 10 Things -- I had to get permission from my agents, my managers, from everybody. So it was a long process." For all of you who are worried Meaghan's pretty blonde color is gone forever, think again! She's going back to blonde soon!

Meaghan Jette loves Harry Potter so much, that she even named her dog, Dobby! "I'm a huge Harry Potter fan," She tells M.

What's Meaghan's favorite place to shop? Urban Outfitters! She even knows the staff at the Urban Outfitters down the street from her house -- she's regular shopper there!

Let's dish: -What's your fave place to shop? Do you have a fave Meaghan Jette hair color? Have you seen the Broadway Musical, Hair yet?

Photo: Micah Smith

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