WOW: Meet Bubbles, Maia Mitchell's Slimy New Reptile Friend!

Maia mitchell spencer boldman snake


Teen Beach Movie star Maia Mitchell is fearless! Check out this crazy pic she Instagrammed this morning of her and Spencer Boldman from Disney XD's Lab Rats hanging out with this slipper, slithery snake!

And it looks like Maia's not even nervous! She captioned the Insta pic, "This beauty is Bubbles."

Wow, Maia, can you share some of your bravery with us? We don't think we'd go near a snake that huge!

Maia and Spencer aren't the only celebs hanging around the zoo! Stars like Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber have also visited recently.

Which celebrity zoo pic is your favorite? Maia's snake, Justin's polar bear, or Kendall's giraffe? Tell us in the comments!

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