Meet Lauren - Our New M Girl Blogger!


Happy Saturday M Girls!

It's Lauren, the new M Girl Blogger for the month! Thank goodness it's the weekend! Is it just me, or does anyone else want summer to come back?! LOL! This week at school has been jam-packed. Homecoming was last weekend, so our school has been in a post-win excitement. Other than that, school has been very...well...normal for school! Lots of tests, tons of homework and of course I have to spend time with friends! This weekend I have two projects to work on for Tuesday. For one, I have to write a song about the human cell for Biology...where's Taylor Swift when I need her?

One thing I want to mention to you girls is that Justin Bieber will be on The Today Show on Monday and I'm so stoked! He is just the cutest thing alive and he's an amazing singer. You should definitely check him out on Monday, he'll be performing some of his songs from his new CD that's coming out in November!

Well M Girls, a marathon of the last Degrassi season is calling my name! Did anyone watch the premiere last night? What did you think?

Talk to you next week! Lauren

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