Meet Miley's new puppy, Floyd!


Hey M Girls!

It's no secret that Miley Cyrus is a total dog person -- she already has Morkie puppy, Lila, and German Shepherd, Mate -- so when she was spotted at a Los Angeles airport holding a new fluffy companion, she was quick to Tweet all about him! She wrote, "I'm so in love with him it is ridiculous. His name is Floyd :)"

While she didn't reveal where exactly she came up with the name, one of Miley's fave bands, Nirvana, has a song called Floyd the Barber. Perhaps she was paying homage to the rock legends? Well, one thing's for sure -- Floyd is ADORABLE!!

Let's dish: -How cute is Miley's new puppy!? What do you think of his name? What animal is your dream pet?

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