Exclusive to M!: Megan & Liz Reveal How Music Brought Them Together And How They Deal When They Fight!


Larry Marano, Getty Images

Megan & Liz are even more excited about their new single, "Release You," than the rest of us--and we're pretty flippin' excited! To celebrate the release of "Release You" at midnight, we got to know the sisters a bit better and see what makes them tick--and what they do when they tick each other off!

Do you think your shared passion of music brought you closer together as sisters? Explain.

Megan: I can't imagine if she wasn't into music or I wasn't into music. I feel like that's one of our main things. I mean we have a lot in common obviously, but that's what links us together in a way that a lot of other siblings don't. Music brings people together everywhere.

Liz: It doesn't matter who you are, but as sisters, it's just like that added. That's what keeps us together and so close.

Megan: We were both always into music, but I was the first one to initiate it and do something about it. Like let's make videos, let's go do a talent show.

Liz: And I was like ok, I'll do it! Then it became a thing. She was like, "Liz, learn this cover song, let's make a video."

Megan: And she did! And it worked out!

What do you do when you get into an argument?

Liz: We just kind of don't talk about it.

Megan: We honestly just need space, like 5 minutes not talking, in our own chill zones, and then we're fine. Unless it's a huge argument, we get over it really quick.

Liz: We'll be fighting, give each other ten minutes and the next thing you know we'll be like, "Hey, remember that one time we did this." And then we'll be "Oh, yeah that was funny." And then we'll be fine...most of the time.

Do you love Megan & Liz? Are you excited for "Release You?" How do you deal with sibling drama? Tell us in the comments!

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