Miley Cyrus' adorable birthday gift for BF, Liam Hemsworth!

Miley cyrus birthday gift liam hemsworth

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Hey M Girls!

Miley bought Liam a brand new puppy for his birthday and it's making the M staff "Aww" nonstop!

When Mi got the pup this week, Liam tried to have a say in naming her. His pick? Daisy Duke, after the classic movie character. Mi took to Twitter to clear up any confusion about the pup's name. She tweeted: "Liam wanted to name her that! I said NOOO WAY!" LOL!

Instead, Miley picked the name Ziggy. Adorable!!

Let's dish:

-Do you think Miley's b-day gift for Liam is cute? Which name do you like better, Ziggy or Daisy Duke?

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