M Exclusive!: MKTO Help You Get Over A Broken Heart!


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MKTO took a break from music to pop by the M offices today. We got some awesome advice from Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller just for M readers!

The former Nickelodeon Gigantic stars joined forces to form a band, and Malcolm mentioned that a lot of their songs are about breakups and starting new. Malcolm also noted that he has a sister, so we had to ask the boys: What's the best way for a girl to get over a breakup?

"I'd say to take your time -- don't think about it too much," Malcolm advised. Tony suggested, "A good movie and some chocolate!"

As for their favorite post-breakup songs? "Addicted" by Simple Plan was Tony's choice, while Malcolm was all about moving forward and forgetting about whatever jerk hurt your feelings. "I'd listen to something upbeat," Malcolm said. "A party song!"

How do you get over breakups? What's your favorite breakup song? Tell us in the comments!

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