Never Forget: Hayes and Nash Grier Share Heartfelt Messages After Their Family's Dog Passes Away


Sending our love to Hayes and Nash and the entire Grier family as they cope with a heartbreaking loss. The brothers took to Twitter and Instagram to say a public goodbye to their family's dog, Keeda.

Hayes shared an album's worth of throwback pics of him and his beloved pug over the years, writing, "RIP Keeda. You were such an amazing dog, thank you for sticking around with us as long as you could. I'll never forget you. Iove you so much. 😓❤️" he wrote in the caption.

Our hearts, those pics are all the sweetest. He took to Twitter to share another farewell message and a throwback picture from his childhood with his beloved dog.

It's obvious Hayes and Keeda has such a strong bond.

Nash shared his own short, yet meaningful message on Twitter, letting everyone know just how precious his time growing up with Keeda really was.

Saying goodbye to a pet is never easy, especially one that has been a part of your life for so many years. but at least Hayes and Nash have so many memories of their time with Keeda to look back on.


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