New issue of QuizFest hits stands on Monday! It's our 1D bonus issue!


Hey M Girls!

Ready to discover the new YOU just in time for the school year to start? You can in the brand new issue of QuizFest! It hits stands on MONDAY and it's filled with over 414 top secret deets about you. We've got all new love, friendship and personality quizzes, plus a back-to-school special you won't want to miss! Get ready -- all your burning questions will be answered. Besides the most revealing quizzes ever, you'll score the latest scoop on your fave stars like Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift. And did we mention cool prizes like a bedroom makeover and 28 free posters (like a shirtless Austin Mahone one -- woo!), and MEGAS? Yep, this is one can't-miss issue!

And get this: Our bonus One Direction issue is filled with everything Directioner-approved! Score a FREE 1D Bingo game, a free school calendar and find out what you're 1D crush reveals. Plus, where will 1D take you on a date? You'll only get the answer here!

Here's a sneak peek of the quizzes inside: -What does your crush notice about you? -Will your friendship survive the school year? -Are you ready for a boyfriend? -Which celeb would play you in your life movie? -Which cafeteria table should you sit at? -How should you tell your crush you like him? -Which fall trend should you try? -Why will this be your best school year EVER? -Why are you a born leader?

QuizFest is the ONLY place where you'll find the most quizzes -- no other mag compares! So what are you waiting for? Don't forget to pick up the all-new QuizFest on Monday! It has a lime green background with "Discover the new YOU" in bright pink writing.

Tell us -- which quiz are you most excited to take?

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