New M Girl Survey!


Hey M Girls-

A few weeks ago we posted a Saturday survey that got tons of comments from you guys. Sooooo, we'd thought we'd do another one in the middle of the week to give you a fun break from homework! K, here we go:

The best thing that's happened to you this year has been:

The worse thing that's happened to you this year has been:

The coolest holiday gift you got was:

Which gift did you NOT get, but wished you had?

If you could be stuck on a desert island with one girl celeb, who would it be and why?

Your favorite show on TV is:

Which celeb do you think would make the best BF?

The last time you got a hug was:

What new star do you think will totally blow up in 2010?

Your secret dorky habit is:

If your birthday was tomorrow, what would you want to do to celebrate?

If you could be a fly on the wall in any celeb's house, who's would it be and why?

Do you think Selena should give Nick Jonas a second chance?

The movie you can't wait to see this year is:

The song you can't get out of my head right now is:

If you could trade places with any celeb girl, it would be:

Comment back with your responses below!

xoxo, M Editor Sarah

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