New movie "Rags" premieres on Nickelodeon tonight!


Keke Palmer, Max Schneider, Avan Jogia and Drake Bell star in the flick!

Hey M Girls!

We've posted a couple of music teasers about Nickelodeon's movie "Rags" already, and we're so pumped for tonight because it premieres at 8 PM!

"Rags" is a modern day Cinderella story with a twist -- Keke Palmer plays Kadee Worth (an international pop star) and Max Schneider plays Charlie Prince (an orphan and aspiring singer)!

We recently spoke to Max, and he can't wait for everyone to check out the flick tonight! Check out part of our video with him below:

M: Can you tell us a little bit about "Rags" and your character in the movie? Max: "Rags" is about following your dreams. It's the hip-hop Cinderfella. Based on the classic Cinderella, I play the Cinderella character and Keke Palmer plays the prince, or the princess part. It's really a wonderful story that goes along the original story with a little twist.

M: The soundtrack is out now! What's your favorite song? Max: I would have to say, I love the songs that I do with Keke. I love "Perfect Harmony" and "Me and You Against the World." Those are two of my favorites, but every song has their own personal meaning to me from the film.

M: What's one thing you learned about your costar Keke that people probably wouldn't know? Max: Keke is amazing, I could talk about her for like an hour and a half. One thing that I learned is that Keke just speaks her mind. Keke will say what's she's thinking no matter what. It's awesome. She cracks you up every time you are with her because she just says it all.

We can't wait for the premiere of "Rags" tonight!

Listen to "Me and You Against the World" from the flick!

Let's dish: -Are you going to watch "Rags" on Nickelodeon? Who are you most excited to see in the movie?

Photo courtesy of Nickelodeon

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