Niall Horan's Dad: Fame Hasn't Changed Him a Bit!


Anyone who follows Niall Horan on Twitter knows that even though he's busy touring the world, he's still super close with his family. In fact, the One Direction star's dad Bobby Horan says that his son hasn't changed at all since first auditioning for The X-Factor three years ago.

"The good thing is that he's still the same young fella that left our house in Mullingar that day in 2010," he told the Irish Herald.

This isn't the first time that Niall's father has opened up to the press about his famous son.

Just last year, he revealed some interesting things about Niall's childhood in an interview with the Mirror.

"He has a very soft side to him," Bobby said. "His mother taught him to bake... he can do cupcakes."

"[Niall] had to look after himself a lot because I was working, so from the age of seven he had to do his own washing, his own ironing and often his own cooking," he added.

Our favorite quote about Baby Niall? "He always dressed himself well and had a nice style about him. He never left the house ­without making sure he looked good."

Awww!! Now that sounds like the guy we all know and love!

Photo courtesy of Splash News

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