Niall Horan Spends Day Off Golfing!

Niall horan golfing


After posting a slew of on-stage pics to both his own Instagram and his band One Direction's account, Niall Horan took to Instagram today to capture his day off.

"Hittin balls off the edge of the cliff as the sunsets! Best day off I've had in a long time!" Niall wrote.

It's so sweet that Niall shared his day off with fans. He definitely deserves some relaxing golf time. He's been so busy lately, with "Best Song Ever" breaking the 24-hour VEVO record and performing. Take a break, Niall! You totally deserve it!

How do you spend time to yourself in order to relax and wind down? Spa day? Movies with your friends? We want to know! Tweet us at @M_magazine!

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