LOL: Niall Horan "Steaming His Whites" in Cute Instagram Pic

Niall ironing 1d


The members of One Direction are charismatic and great vocalists to boot, but more than that, they're totally down to earth. They even do their own chores — like in this picture we just spotted on 1D's Instagram of Niall Horan steaming his clothes backstage before a big concert.

Earlier in the day, Niall wasn't looking quite so organized. He posted the photo below of his clothes spread out all over the floor, explaining, "Gave up on that whole sleeping thing wasnt happening! Resorted to sortin my life out! #lifeinasuitcase"

Niall Horan Suitcase

Poor Niall! It must be tough having to hop from city to city on tour. If he has trouble keeping his stuff neat and tidy, just imagine what Louis Tomlinson's floor must look like!

Also: We can't believe Niall would snap a pic with his undies in it!

Which pic is your favorite: the one of Niall steaming his clothes or the one of his messy floor?

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