Niall Horan will be filming some of the One Direction movie!


Hey M Girls!

The One Direction boys just revealed that one of the dudes will be in control of the cameras for their 3D movie -- and it's Niall Horan!

Louis dished to MTV News on Monday about who will be shooting: "And Niall's got a camera, so he's going to film some of the film."

Niall chimed in, spilling more deets: "They've given me a camera for the movie, so we're going to be going around."

The boys have had their camera on them at almost all times, including when they toured around America this past summer.

"Obviously doing [Madison Square Garden] next week and then the tour all year next year, hopefully it'll turn out as well as we want it too," Niall reveals.

Wow, aren't you Directioners just dying to see this flick knowing that one of the 1D boys will be doing some of the shooting themselves?!

Let's dish: -What do you think about Niall filming? What footage do you want to see in the movie?

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