Nickelodeon premieres How to Rock + a new Victorious episode tonight!


Hey M Girls!

We're so glad it's finally the weekend! And what's even better? The new Nickelodeon show How to Rock will be premiering tonight, right after a new episode of Victorious!

The star of How to Rock, Cymphonique Miller, recently stopped by the M offices to tell us about the show -- check it out:

Cymphonique also told us: "I play the character Kacey Simon, who starts off as the most popular girl in school. She's apart of a clique, the most popular clique in school, called "The Perfs," short for perfects. And her life takes a 360 turn when she comes back to school with braces and glasses and her Perfs friends ditch her and she has to find new friends, who has a band called, "Gravity 5." She winds up being the lead singer of it and gets a new perspective on life. So, it's a super funny show."

Sounds great!

And here's the preview for the new episode of Victorious:

Let's dish: - Are you going to tune in to the premiere of How to Rock? Are you excited for the new episode of Victorious?

Photo courtesy of Nickelodeon

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