Olivia Holt Reveals Her Girl Power Secret

Olivia holt advice copy


We recently had the chance to chat with Kickin' It star Olivia Holt about PlayMG, the first Android gaming system designed just for young people.

While we got the scoop on why she's such a fan of her cool device, we also asked Olivia if she had any tips for girls who might be shy or insecure.

"Yeah, absolutely," she told us. "I feel like girl power is something that’s very important and a lot of girls these days are understanding more about it."

"I grew up with such competitiveness that it brought confidence," Olivia continued. "I feel like as long as girls are themselves, and as long as they’re having a good time, then the confidence just shows."

What's your secret trick for feeling confident? Tell us in the comments below!

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