OMG! Are Justin and Selena ENGAGED?!


Hey M Girls!

After Justin and Selena were photographed yesterday in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, everyone noticed a new, thin silver ring on Selena's left ring finger -- where an engagement ring usually goes! As blogs started buzzing that JB had popped the question, Selena's rep quickly de-bunked the rumors, stating "She is not engaged." Justin's rep also stated that, "there is no ring and no engagement." Phew!

The funny thing is that Justin and Selena are in a Mexico for a friend's wedding -- Sel is actually a bridesmaid in Wizards of Waverly Place's costume designer Shannon Larossi's wedding! Sounds like fun -- and that clears up that rumor!

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Let's dish: -What do you think about the engagement rumors? Do you think Justin and Sel should get married?

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Photo courtesy of Justin Bieber

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