OMG! Check out these adorable flashback pictures of Niall Horan!


Hey M Girls!

Directioners were psyched to check out these super-cute flashback pictures of Niall Horan that was leaked from his old Bebo page!

When fans asked Niall about the pix, he tweeted to them: "Hahaha my old bebo page, dont even know the password for that anymore! My cousin claire came up with the stupid name #embarassin....that bebo page is hilarious! some great memories in the pictures though ey?

Niall said in the pix that he 12, 13, and 14-years old and that he "looks very young for my age..."

Check out the pics below!

Love the pix!

So let's dish: -Which flashback pic was your fave? Do you think Niall looks different?

Comment away!

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