One Direction Are Lovers, But They're Fighters Too!


Matt Kent, Getty Images

One Direction said they get along like they're brothers, and they do. And guess what brothers do? They fight sometimes! But which One Direction members are most likely to get into tiffs on the tour bus? Well, that depends on who you ask.

Harry Styles told Top Of The Pops (via EntertainmentWise) that they actually don't argue too much--and when they do, it's over stupid stuff! "To be honest, we don't argue very much at all," he said, but admitted, "If we do, it's about silly things like where we're going for dinner!"

Still, Niall Horan says if anyone in the group is more of a fighter than a lover, it'd be Louis Tomlinson. "If anyone's likely to bicker in the group, it would be Louis!"

(We happen to love how outspoken he is!)

Still, don't worry about the group fighting too much--it's all love!

"I'm not going to lie and say that we don't have arguments because everyone has arguments," Liam Payne admitted. "Especially when you're all thrown together into a situation. But it's surprising how well we do get on. I couldn't see us having a big enough argument to split!"

On the count of three, Directioners: Phew!

Which member of 1D do you think would win in a fight? Tell us in the comments!
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