One Direction Join Office Depot's Anti-Bullying Campaign!


Office Depot

As if you needed another reason to adore One Direction, they're showing how big their hearts are. The adorbs Brits (and lone Irishman in Niall Horan!) teamed up with Office Depot to not only plaster their gorgeous faces all over school supplies, but to support anti-bullying efforts at the same time.

One Direction will release a line of notebooks, pens and even nail polish in July -- all to benefit a great cause.

Part of the proceeds from the goodies will go towards anti-bullying programs that aim to just get us to all be nicer to one another. That's something everyone can get behind, whether or not they're Directioners, right?

And the boys are walking the walk and talking the talk: They're going to promote anti-bullying in their concerts, on Twitter and more to get the word out about simply being good to each other and having a heart. It's no wonder why we heart 1D!

Are you going to snag One Direction school supplies? Do you think having 1D on your notebooks will motivate you to study more and bully less? Tell us in the comments!

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