One Direction thanks fans for making them #1 on the Billboard charts!


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After making history with a #1 album in the US and announcing their first headlining tour, the 1D boys are feeling super-thankful. In fact, member Liam Payne and the others have took to their Twitter to spread their appreciativeness. Check out Liam's super-sweet tweet: It's amazing to think back to wen we were first put together to the point we are at now. things have moved so quickly its got all of us in a massive state of shock its so sureal to think of everythink like wining the brit doing our 1st uk tour having our first number one cant believe all of this has happend to us five lucky guys. and not only out of this have i had a lot of fun making music and working in the music industry but ive made the four best mates and 4 brothers that i always wanted couldnt ask to work with 4 nicer guys and im very proud to be in one direction. the only last thing i can say once again is thank you to all of you everyone whos supported us so far from the people who first picked up the phone and voted on x factor to the people who went into the shop and bought our album last week and everybody in between thank you so so much for a fantastic opportunity and helping me and the boys to where we are today i know sometimes you think we forget everyone who has shown amazing amounts of suppport but we never ever will we love you guys and please keep supporting us and doing what you have always done to all directioners lots and lots of love from Liam xxx

So sweet! Check out what the others tweeted, too:

So exciting! And we love their love for Directioners!

Let's dish: -Why are you a directioner? What song are you loving off their new album?

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