Our new blogger Sydney's weekly blog!


Hey M Girls!

It's Sydney again and I'm back with my second blog! Hope you girls had an awesome week -- I know New Moon finally hitting theaters made this week so much fun! I went to the movies last night with my BFFs and I couldn't wait to come here and talk to you all about it! I thought it was sooooo good -- Taylor Lautner was H-O-T and we all loved his shirtless scenes! Swoon! I'm so rooting for him and Bella to get together. Last week, I told you I was Team Jacob and I'm still totally a Jacob-supporter, but I'm wondering if any of you switched sides after watching NM?

Tell me in the comments! Everyone have a good upcoming week -- I know I'm looking forward to yummy turkey and a break from school! I'll chat with you next Saturday, M girls!

XOXO, Sydney <3

PS - I bought Justin Bieber's album this week -- loving all the songs but there was no sight of a golden ticket in my CD...boo!! Whoever gets the golden ticket will be super-lucky!

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