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Hey M Girls!

How's your Thanksgiving break going? Mine is going really well! My aunts, uncles, and cousins came in and are leaving Monday morning :( But, I've also had a lot of fun with my friends! There has been a sleepover almost every night and we went to the movies a couple times -- so fun! Did anyone of you go shopping on Black Friday? I didn't because the lines always seem too crazy but one year, I'd totally want to go.

OMG did anyone watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade? I loved seeing Boys Like Girls -- they're one of my favorite bands and I thought they did awesome! I also loved Keke's performance, too. Oh, and don't forget that the first episode of Big Time Rush premieres tonight on Nickelodeon! I can't wait to watch it -- I totally think the four main guys in it look so cute...LOL!

Let's dish: -What are you doing this Thanksgiving break? Will you watch Big Time Rush tonight?

Comment back! Have a great week M girls and I'll be back next week to talk more!

XOXO, Sydney

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