Our New M Girl Blogger Lauren's Weekly Blog!


Hey there M Girls!

It's Lauren! So it seems like this week has completely flown by! But it's the weekend and I'm thankful for that. Today I took my PSAT. It made me feel like a real highschooler but the worst part about it was I had to wake up early on a Saturday! But it's over with and now I'm free to catch up on all the shows that have been left waiting in my DVR...oh yeah, and maybe some homework.

So I just read that Selena Gomez will be launching her own clothing line! It will be called "Dream Out Loud" featuring stuff like jeans, skirts and dresses. And get this, the clothing material is eco-friendly! Cool! No word on where Sel's line will be sold, but she definitely has an awesome sense of style and I can't wait to see what she designs.

Anyone watch last night's Degrassi? What other shows are you watching this season?

Talk to you next week, M Girls!


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