Our New M Girl Blogger Lauren's Weekly Blog!


What's up M Girls? Lauren here. Another week has passed and it keeps getting colder where I live! I'm not a fan of cold weather or wind that could lift me off the ground. But this weekend I'll be camping with some of my friends, so I'm excited for that (no matter how cold it is!).

So (FINALLY!) in less than a month, New Moon will coming out! I bet most of you are excited -- because I know I am! First, let me say that I am completely Team Jacob! I've read all four books at least twice, and fell in love with Taylor Lautner's character. Once I found out he got the role of Jacob Black in New Moon, I was so pumped! And the best part is, I'm lucky enough to be going to my town's midnight premiere the night the movie comes out with my friends! Yay!

I'm leaving to go camping soon, so I gotta go! But real quick, do you think you'll be seeing New Moon when it comes out November 20? What about any other movies you've been wanting to see?

Have an M-azing week! Lauren

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