Our New M Girl Blogger Lauren's Weekly Blog!


Hey M Girls!

This week has gone by super-slow! But I slept in really late today, so I'm ready for a great weekend! Last night my friends and I went to our school play because some of our other friends were actually in it. I have to say -- they did a great job!

Now, I've loved the Jonas Brothers since their first album and every song and CD since. So when I heard this week that Nick was going to be doing a solo project, I had mixed emotions. But the bros swear this is a side project for Nick and he's not leaving the band, which makes me feel a bit better! I know Nick can totally make it on his own, because he does sound amazing and writes amazing lyrics and is amazingly cute. He's just amazing all around! So when Nick Jonas & The Administration come out with their first CD, due next year, go out and support Nick!

Well M Girls, this is my last entry as the mag's first M Girl Blogger! Do you want to be the next person to write this column? All you have to do is comment below and tell the M Editors why YOU have what it takes to blog for mmm-mag.com.

I've loved writing for the site, and thanks for reading!


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