EXCLUSIVE: Peyton List Gets You Ready for the First Day of School!

Peyton list three outfits

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The first day of school is right around the corner. Are you ready? M caught up with the fashionable Peyton List from Disney Channel's Jessie. She has her own fashion-focused Instagram account and also showcases her creative designs from Nintendo's new game Animal Crossing: New Leaf on Pinterest, so she's quite the stylish gal!

With Animal Crossing: New Leaf, users can act as the mayor of their town and design their own pieces of clothing and accessories and then share them on their Pinterest page!

"It's so much fun because they have a boutique and you can design your own clothes, which I've been doing a lot of," Peyton tell us. "I started designing things I would wear in my personal life or in real life. Actually, recently, I designed a black and white striped dress, which I love. My character wears it everywhere in the game."

Peyton Black and White Stripes

Speaking of Peyton's personal style, we talked back-to-school fashion with the Jessie star, too. Peyton had some great advice about getting ready for the first day of school.

Tip #1: Try on everything in your closet ahead of time so you're not rushed on the big day. "When you go back to school, you want to stand out and look super cute!" Peyton tells M. "I always plan my outfit a long time before."

Tip #2: Get to bed early so you can wake up early to style your hair and makeup to perfection. "Go with what you feel like and look your best. Get up really early and do your hair and makeup," Peyton advises. "Take a long time [to get ready] and look your best on the first day of school!"

Tip #3: Peyton's golden "first day of school" rule? Go all out! "Take your own personal style and make it a teeny bit better for the first day," Peyton says.

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