Peyton List Says to Just Be Yourself!

Peyton list advice

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In a recent episode of Jessie Emma falls for a basketball player and decides to learn more about sports in order to impress him. Her plan backfires when the jock finds out that Luke has been coaching her the entire time!

When M caught up with Peyton List on top of the Empire State Building earlier this week, we asked the 15-year-old actress if she would ever do something like that in real life — and if she had any advice for fans who found themselves in a similar situation.

"No, I wouldn’t do that," Peyton told us. "I feel like I just stay myself because that’s the sort of person I am. Just like, oh well! Gotta like me for me!"

That said, she did have a total blast filming the episode. "It’s funny because Emma kept messing up all the team names and things, like the Green Bay Packers, she called them the Porkers!" Peyton recalled. "It was fun!"

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