Pretty Little Liars recap: Have you ever lost a BFF?


Hey M girls!

One of our fave ABC Family shows, Pretty Little Liars, returned last night and it was absolutely crazy! If you were following our tweets (@m_magazine) you KNOW we tuned in. Our Liars were totally busy over the summer (plus, they all got new 'dos!) Spencer got a head start on her college classes, Aria got a spot in an exclusive photography class and Emily built houses in Haiti! Last but not least, Hanna took a cooking class with Caleb (aww!) and improved her vocab -- go Hanna!

Though, it's not our beloved PLL without a moment of suspense! The girls fell asleep during their sleepover and woke up to find that Emily was missing! It was super-scary and got even scarier when we discovered that she was standing over Ali's open grave -- with Ali's body missing!

Emily has been trying her hardest to get back to normal after the death of Maya, but we are SO worried for her -- we hope she reaches out to her BFFs soon.

Hanna has been secretly visiting her ex-BFF, Mona, who hasn't said a word all summer. Just when we thought Mona was going to respond, she saw Alison in the corner of the room! Not to mention she was wearing a red coat. Could that mean it was Alison that we saw Mona talking to in the finale?

Ezria is better than ever -- they seem to be totally public. They even went out with her mom for dinner! We wonder how her dad feels about this...

Finally, Spencer has been investigating the possibility of more "A"s all summer. She has been trying to find the identity of this mysterious Black Swan and now the person who took Ali's body! At the end of the episode, the Liars are given a visit by someone all too familiar -- "A". We hope the girls solve this one soon!

Let's Dish: Who do you think the new "A" is? Have you ever lost a BFF? Do you think "A" and the Black Swan are the same person? Who has your favorite new hairstyle?

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