Pretty Little Liars recap: How do you deal with parent drama?


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This week's PLL was all about some father/daughter bonding! That's right -- it was time for Rosewood's annual father/daughter dance, which ended up being the scene of some super-intense moments. Turns out, each liar had some dramz with their dad.

Spencer's dealing with some serious family drama. She snoops through Mr. Hasting's stuff and find out that he did pay Alison off (and had LOTS of photos of her!) Turns out, he was trying to protect creepy Melissa. Mel was sending Alison threatening texts before she died, but the girls realize that she's not A. Still, that doesn't mean she'll be winning any sister of the year awards.

Meanwhile, Aria and her pop are barely talking thanks to the whole Ezria thing! Still, they resolve things a bit, even though Aria says she's not a little girl anymore. Hanna's dad is no where to be seen, but her mom's been snooping around with Officer Wilden to figure out A's deal.

Finally, Emily's dad shares the saddest news of the night -- he's being deployed to Afghanistan! Aww, poor Em! They share some sweet moments before they have to say goodbye for a long time.

The two major shockers of the episode? 1) Maya is still missing! We're SO hoping she's OK. 2) The girls' one connection to A, Jonah, leads them to a doll story with the totally creepy kinda dolls that A had sent to the liars. Scary with a capital S!

With only two more episodes before the big A reveal, check out the trailer to next week's new episode:

Looks intense! Be sure to check back here next Tuesday for our weekly PLL recap!

Let's dish: -All four girls dealt with major parent drama this week -- how do you deal with having fights with your parents? What do you think happened to Maya? Are you excited to see Toby return next week?

Photo courtesy of ABC Family

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