Pretty Little Liars recap: If you were Hanna, would you have helped Jenna?


Hey M Girls!

Here in the M office we still cannot stop talking about Monday's episode of Pretty Little Liars! Tons of shocking things happened, like Toby and Jenna coming back to town, Aria getting scoop about Alison from Duncan and Ezra finally standing up for himself to Aria's dad. But, the biggest moment was def the fire in Jason's house!

Someone sent Jenna a text from Jason's cell phone to head over to his house for a chat. Only prob? The house was set on fire with Jenna inside! Luckily, Hanna was there to pull her out just in time.

With only one more episode before the big "A" reveal, we're freaking out just a tad! Monday can't come soon enough. Check out the promo for next week's big episode:

Let's dish: -If you were in Hanna's position, would you have saved Jenna? Do you think Toby and Spencer will get back together, or will Toby and Wren be a couple?

Photo courtesy of ABC Family

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