Pretty Little Liars recap: What would you do if you had to choose between family and friends?


Hey M Girls!

Many of the biggest shockers on last night's Pretty Little Liars started with an M! That's why this week's recap will be broken down by M moments.

  1. Mona is getting texts from "A", too! This is very interesting, because many people (ourselves included) have suspected that she might be "A"! When Hanna finds out, she starts confiding in her about other horrible things "A" has done. Still, we're not totally convinced that Mona is innocent. However, she was a pretty good friend to Hanna this episode and protected her from the police, so she gets at least a few points in our book.

  2. Melissa is back! Spencer's big sis is back after a long break, and she's looking guiltier than ever. Caleb uncovers a tape from the night of Ali's death and it turns out Melissa was there! Yikes! This puts Spencer in a bad position -- her friends want to go to the police, but Spencer wants to hear her sister out. Melissa says she has lots to explain, but we're not so sure we buy it.

  3. Mama Montgomery is a great mother. After some super-sad Ezria moments, we thought it might be the end for their relationship. However, Aria's mom decides to hear them out. Ezria fans -- looks like there's still some hope!

  4. Maya's got the cops after her? At the end of the episode, Emily gets some interesting visitors -- the police! They say they're there because of Maya, but we won't find out what the deal is quite yet. Hope everything is OK!

Wowza -- such a big episode! Be sure to check back here next week for our recap, and check out the preview to the new episode here... only 3 weeks until "A" day!

Let's dish: -What would you do if you were in Spencer's position and you had to choose between your friends and your family? Do you trust Mona? How about Melissa?

Photo courtesy of ABC Family

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