Pretty Little Liars recap: What would you do if you were in Caleb's position?


Hey M Girls! Wow...Pretty Little Liars keeps getting crazier and crazier each week! In last night's episode, the girls got closer than ever to finding out A's identity. It turns out that the guy that Ali (or should we say, Vivian) was in touch with was hired to trace A's cell phone -- and he has the answer! Unfortch, he asked the girls for $2000 for the info.

Meanwhile, Spencer's still freaking out over the fact that she's related to Jason. Turns out Ali blackmailed Spencer's dad for LOTS of money to keep her from revealing the truth about Jason.

In the love department, things aren't looking great for the girls. Emily and Maya are fighting, which is making Em one sad gal. Aria found out that her friend Holden is a) really into martial arts and b) suffering from a heart condition. When A leaves Aria's dad with the address for her secret date with Ezra, it looks like Aria could be in huge trouble. Luckily, Aria bails on the date to check on Holden and saves Ezria from a major fight with Papa Montgomery.

However, A's big target of the week is Hanna's BF, Caleb. Last week, A snatched Caleb's laptop to frame him for stealing some top secret school files. The police (a.k.a creepy Garrett) almost get Caleb in trouble, but Hanna comes through in the end and deletes the files to protect Caleb. Phew!

Check out the preview for next week's big episode:

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Let's dish: -In this episode, Caleb gets framed for something he didn't do. What would you do if you were in that situation? Do you think Jason is trust-worthy?

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