Pretty Little Liars recap: Would you forgive Jenna in the girls' position?


Hey M Girls!

OMG, only 6 days until A is unmAsked!! Last night's episode was pretty he-uge (and tres creepy!) Here are the ten biggest things that happened:

  1. Jenna takes off her bandages but pretends she still can't see -- um, she TOTALLY can! She also tries to clear the air with the girls, but something tells us she's not going to be the 5th BFF any time soon...

  2. Melissa is looking guiltier by the second -- could she be A? The girls set up a trap to find out and make it look like Caleb and Mona were smooching right as Melissa passes by. When Hanna gets a text from A about, she's ready to turn Melissa in, but we're not so sure. It seems a little obvious...

  3. The gals visit the TOTALLY creepy doll shop where A has been before! They chat with the owner and her young son, but by the end of the episode it looks like they're working with A. Those dolls gave us major nightmares last night.

  4. Spencer sees Alison -- and it really doesn't seem like a dream! Could Ali be alive? Is there a secret twin situation here?

  5. Garrett is arrested for Ali's murder!!

  6. Oh, and Garrett and Melissa are a COUPLE.

  7. Maya is mad at Em for telling her parents that she texted her... Aww!

  8. Aria finds out that her 'rents wanted to ship her off to boarding school, and tries to blackmail them. Her mom gets super-disappointed!

  9. Then, Aria finds out that Ezra was fired and has to leave town :(

  10. But, before he goes, he says, "Do you have any idea how much I love you?" and they have such a moment! Yay!

What an episode! Check back next week for our live tweets during the show and our recap on Tuesday.

Let's dish: -Final thoughts: who do you think A will be when it's revealed next week? Do you think Aria and Ezra are dunzo for good? Would you forgive Jenna if you were the liars?

Photo courtesy of ABC Family

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