Pretty Little Liars recap: Would you lie to protect the people you love?


Is Melissa really the new "A"?

Hey M girls!

This week's episode of Pretty Little Liars had everything! It was funny, sad, happy and then just downright scary. We also learned that there are seriously no limits to what the new "A" will do!

After discovering that her father was going on a date with Meredith, Aria knew she had to tell her mom. Thing was, she didn't want to do it until her mom had someone to go on a date with, too. With the help of Mrs. Marin and Hanna, Aria set up an online dating profile for her mom (with the username HotMama! LOL!) to find her a new man. She didn't have any luck but Ella decided to keep her profile up. Yay to new beginnings!

Hanna was going to come clean to Caleb about the new "A" after he started getting suspicious of her. Just before she could do it, Hanna received a text from "A". It turns out that "A" was in California and forced Caleb's mom into a car accident -- so scary! For Caleb's safety, Hanna kept quiet but he couldn't take the lies anymore and they broke up. The scene was super-sad and we hope these two get back together soon!

Emily got a new job as a barista in this episode -- go Em! While she was learning the ropes of the gig, Maya's cousin came into the café. He gave Emily a present that Maya had ordered before she died. It was a graphic T with a poster of their first date movie on it. It was totally adorable and it only made us miss Maya more!

The Liars also got to the bottom of the black swan mystery. It was Melissa all along! "A" contacted Melissa and told her that the secret about her pregnancy would be revealed if she didn't go to the ball dressed as the black swan. We're not sure if she's telling the truth about this but she seemed pretty convincing.

Let's dish:

-Like Hanna, would you lie to protect the people you love? Do you think that Melissa was lying to Spencer and her mom? Do you think Hanna and Caleb with ever get back together?

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