Young Love: Ross Butler Gives a Shoutout to His Childhood Crush


Ross Butler is single, and it looks like he was born to mingle. No literally, the 13 Reasons Why and Riverdale hottie took to Instagram to share a throwback pic from when he was just a tot, and the photo truly proves that he has been smooth with the ladies from the start.

"To her, I was simply the odd valet in Christmas overalls. To me, she was everything. #MoviePitch," he captioned the photo, which shows baby Ross helping a little girl out of her toy car. So sweet!

Ross didn't tag anyone in the photo, so we cannot help but wonder who this mystery lady is. All we know is Ross looks insanely adorable in that little outfit. Something tells us he would so not be caught in those overalls now, but let us all pretend for just a second here.

Perhaps this is Ross' way of letting the Instagram world know he's still single.

"I just haven’t found the right one yet, you know?" he spilled in an interview.

Based off the looks of this photo, Ross has always been a handsome gentleman – so he seems like a great catch to us!

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