Groovin': Ross Lynch Hacks His Sister Rydel's Account

Ross and rydel lynch


It's no secret and the Lynch family is super close: most of the siblings are in the band R5 together after all! So when Ross Lynch decided to totally hack his sister Rydel's account, well of course he did was everyone's initial reaction. And the video is literally amazing.

Ross took to his own Instagram account to share the video he created on his sister's account where he's jamming out to Bruno Mars' tune 'That's What I Like." Ross is totally into the app, having a ton of fun singing and dancing along to the song, although he did admit he's a bit late to the party.

".... i like this app. I know I'm late," he wrote in the caption of the video. Watch it for yourself:

A post shared by Ꭱoss Lynch (@rossr5) on

Ross is going all out, literally have to much fun putting his own twist on the song. Now that Ross has discovers the joys of this app, maybe he'll download it himself and start up his own account. Imagine him gracing us all with tons of more mini, lip-sync cover videos? We can only hope.

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