XOXO: Sabrina Carpenter Reveals the Most Unexpected Person Asked Her Out on a Date

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Sabrina Carpenter has been rather busy lately, you know promoting her current single "Thumbs" as well as her sophomore album EVOLution and she's already let her fans know she's hard at work on a third album. The Girl Meets World alum obviously has a lot going on and she's gone on to say that dating isn't really her top priority. Girl has an empire to build! But it looks like there's someone who totally has his eyes on the songstress and he finally made his move, much to Sabs' surprise.

A fan asked Sabrina on Twitter how she was doing and she responded back letting everyone know exactly how her day was going, which included being asked out on a date by a very bold and confident nine-year-old boy.

Sabrina Carpenter Date Tweet

OK, now let's just take a moment to appreciate how this little dude took it upon himself to ask out someone who is no doubt out his dream girl, so props all around to him. Sabrina obviously thought this gesture was worth sharing with her millions of followers, so she must've been genuinely impressed too, although it's safe to say she didn't actually take the boy upon his offer. Since she is 17-years-old, he might just be a bit too young for her! But she did give him a bit of hope. A fan tweeted a funny video the songstress did where she read cheesy pick-up lines and gave a dazzling wink to the camera.

Sabrina took note, and replied, letting everyone know she's going to actually send this along to her new friend who has his sights on her. She'll totally woo him for sure, although it's safe to say she already has stolen his heart.

Sabrina Carpenter Tweet

So obviously she's only kidding, but this whole romantic plot has just thickened and it's rather magical. Sabrina does love her fans more than anything, after all! The "Smoke and Fire" singer hasn't publicly dated anyone since she and ex Bradley Steven Perry broke up, but that doesn't mean fans have stopped shipping her with tons of other cuties. Her former GMW co-stars Corey Fogelmanis and Peyton Meyer are always top picks, but it seems that Shawn Mendes is the guy fans would really love to see her date next. They did have a precious reunion at the 2017 iHeart Radio Music Awards that included a lovely hug and they might not really know each other all too well just yet, but it's easy to see why fans would love to see them together. They would make such a cute couple! At the end of the day though, Sabrina doesn't need any guy, since she is fabulous and fierce all on her own. She always does have this one little kid who is just waiting to woo her with a fabulous date too though, so silver lining after all.

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This post was originally published on March 20, 2017.

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