Hey M Girls!

OMG! We've been telling you guys all about M's August bonus sticker issue all week now and we're so excited it's finally here! It hits stands on MONDAY and get ready M Girls - not only is it jam-packed with the latest star scoop, but you'll score 45 FREE STICKERS of your fave stars, including 7 JUSTIN BIEBER ONES! Wowza! Plus, find out Justin's summer kiss confession, his plans with Selena, why Miley can't forget Nick, Pretty Little Liars drama, how Jemi's dealing with their split, Ke$ha's secret side, and stars talk about surviving their dorkiest days! So look for the issue with the stickers on the left side, a green grass background and the words "Dear Diary" in pink! Here's a sneak peek of what's inside the issue:

Selena's Secret Shy Side: I Had to Build Up My Confidence M has an exclusive one-on-one with Sel, and she talks her new flick, Justin Bieber (what's really in store for these two) and get Ramona and Beezus set secrets!

Justin's Summer Kiss Confession Justin's hitting the road on tour and what's he secretly hoping for? To find love...and the perfect kiss! Find out his smooch secrets and his tourmate and girl bestie Jessica Jarrell spills juicy JB secrets to us!

Taylor Lautner's Face Tells All! Tay's facial features reveal his hidden side -- we decode his face and give you an inside look into his soul!

Taylor Swift: "I've Never Been Popular With the Boys!" Yep, even Taylor thinks guys are totally complicated! Find out Tay's boy struggles and how she stays confident -- plus, get exclusive backstage tour pics from M's night with Tay!

The Day We Almost Lost the Jonas Brothers: "We Panicked" JB opens up about the scariest 45 minutes of lives! This is one JB feature you can't miss!

Cute Boy Confessions "iYiYi" singer Cody Simpson explains his perfect girl! Zac talks about his first kiss! Jaden Smith is looking for his dream date! Your fave guys get personal with M!

Revealing Quizzes! What's your dream first date? What makes you a unique friend? What reality show would make you a star? What carnival ride are you? Do you think with your head or your heart? M's got you covered with the most in-depth quizzes EVER!

33 FREE POSTERS, 6 MEGAS AND AWESOME PRIZES! Only M has 6 SIGNED MEGAS, including a wall-worthy Justin Bieber pin-up. Besides amazing stickers, we have your chance to win Selena's wardrobe, a flat screen TV, Jonas Brothers signed iPod, Jonas Brother and Demi tour tickets, Shailene's signed iPod, Victoria's signed digi-frame and a $500 phone, plus tons more cool prizes!

So what are you waiting for? Go get your issue of M now and start sticking and reading away! It's our summer treat to you! Make sure you come back to to tell us what you think!

XOXO, The M Editors

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