EXCLUSIVE: See the 'Austin & Ally' Cast's Outrageous Prom Photo

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If you watch Austin & Ally, you've probably been freaking out all season. Ally's seeing Gavin, Austin's seeing Piper, and more importantly, Ally and Austin are not seeing each other. What is life, even?!

But all that might be about to change, as one very special occasion is coming up: PROM NIGHT! Will Austin finally realize that Ally's the girl for him? Will Ally break up with Gavin for her one true soul mate? Maybe A&A will even be named prom king and queen... ;-)

Side note: That is how Dez would do prom. Just sayin'.

Here's another super cool photo from the two-part episode:

Austin & Ally at Prom

Make sure to tune in to the first part of "Proms & Promises" this Sunday, August 10th at 8pm ET/PT. Tell us in the comments: What do you think of the cast's prom photo?!

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